Communication Plan

Ah, millennials. Short attention spans and a far-from-subtle technology addiction. This is who you need to reach - but don’t worry, we’ve got your backs!


Confirmation: At the point of scheduling

Once  students schedule, we send them an automated confirmation email and text with all the information they need about their visits.  

We put crucial information in the hands of students and parents so you can sit back and relax. Say goodbye to manual emails and high volume  follow-up calls. With all that extra time, dig into the data we provide in Analytics!

We’re confident Data is gonna back us up on this one ;)


Reminders: 7 days and 2 days out

Prospective students are notoriously forgetful. With reminders via email and text one week and two days out, we ensure your visit stays top of mind for students and parents.

Change of Plans? Reschedule

If a student cancels his or her registration at any time, we send her or him a confirmation prompting them to schedule another visit to drive them to campus. After all, it’s where the magic happens.    


Check-in and Survey the Day of

We make check-in super easy. 30 minutes before the start of the tour, students receive a text prompting them to check-in. They text back a short code and receive a confirmation. Who wants to stand in line? Families arrive checked-in and ready to go 

Then, 10 minutes before the end of the visit, students receive a short survey via text designed for high conversion rates.

The industry standard for responses via email is 2%. With our surveys, customers are averaging 50-60% completion rates.

Woah, indeed.


24hr Follow-up Survey

We believe in being extra thorough, so if students don’t fill out the survey the first time, we send them a follow up email 24hrs later prompting them to complete it.


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