What is a visit?

A visit is any event that an institution organizes for prospective students providing information on academics, financial aid, student life, social or athletic opportunities and other general inquires a prospective student may have. Visits include both events on and off campus.

Common types of visits include:

  • campus tours - Campus tours usually occur every day of the work week and approximately last one hour. A student tour guide or admissions staff member walks visitors across campus while providing details about academic programs, campus infrastructure and student life.
  • information sessions - Information sessions are often held before or after a campus tour and also last approximately one hour. This is a sit down session where an admissions officer speaks to prospective students in greater detail about the institution and answers any questions visitors may have. 
  • open houses - Open houses usually occur twice a year - once in the spring and again during the fall semester. These are flagship events for the admissions office and can last four to six hours. Open houses are designed to provide an immersive experience and include multiple events throughout the day for prospective students.





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